Personal Styling Session


Do you feel overwhelmed when you walk into your closet? Do you have trouble putting together an outfit on a daily basis? Do you feel lost on how to build an outfit, dress for your body type, how to pair colors, textures, all of it? I get it. When you get dressed you feel like you are trying to read another language. This is exactly how my clients feel too. Every day feels like a wardrobe malfunction and you aren't confident you look good, wish you had a personal style that stood out. 

Imagine that you felt confident and put together every day. What if you could feel beautiful every day? As your personal stylist, I am here to simplify the process of building an outfit and educate you on what flatters your body frame. I'll teach you how to pair pieces in your current wardrobe and what pieces you could incorporate in your wardrobe to set your personal style apart. 

During a 60 minute styling session I'll share with you how to create looks that are uniquely you, creative, but without all the effort and brain power. I'm here to make the process easy and enjoyable. You will start to look forward to getting dressed. We'll look at the pieces you currently have in your wardrobe and build looks together. 





 "Working with Lydia in person was great because she helped me make new outfits and combinations with a fresh perspective. I also liked that she brought other clothing options to try on." 

-Jordan Hefler


"Lydia helped me understand my body type and what styles of clothing look best. She helped me understand why I may have felt insecure in certain styles I had worn in the past. I have more confidence in putting outfits together after meeting with her." 

-Susannah Folkes


"Not only did I learn helpful information about my body type, it was helpful to have someone coach me through how to put together outfits that are flattering and I feel great in. It was helpful to see what outfits I could put together with what I already have in my closet and what gaps I can work on filling in with new pieces when I go shopping." 

-Karis Bouillion


"Lydia helped me figure out my body type and what clothes would flatter me. She also explained color theory and helped me figure out colors that go really well together."

-Jenna Thompson




  • A 60 minute virtual closet consultation (We'll create 5 looks inside your virtual wardrobe) 
  • A virtual wardrobe 
  • A virtual finds section where I will personally shop for you to fill in wardrobe gaps
  • A virtual look book with 10 looks with notes I have created from your wardrobe & finds section based on your needs
  • A simple proven formula on how to build outfits 
  • A 15% life time discount on Esther                             



To begin your session, we'll determine your specific body type. This will give you direction on different styles that fit your body type and how to enhance your best features. Then I'll have you share an outfit you would regularly wear or put together. I'll provide my feedback and upgrades that you'll be able to apply across your entire wardrobe and daily looks. I will then build 4-5 looks for you. You will try them on and we will talk about WHY they work and HOW to implement this process in the future as you are getting dressed day to day. You'll end this session with the knowledge and confidence to put it all together yourself on a daily basis.

You can book a one time session for $170 or you can book 4 sessions (1 per season) for only $600. You'll learn so much from a single session, but don't let upcoming seasons throw off what you've learned. Book four styling sessions with me - one for each season - and we'll repeat this process for spring, summer, winter and fall so you always know exactly what to wear no matter what the weather.


Book a styling session - $170

Book a seasonal package -  $600



  • You will learn your body type and pieces that work to flatter your shape. 
  • You will feel confident in your ability to build outfits.
  • Now is the time for you to finally identify your personal style, set yourself apart with a creative flare, and learn how you can highlight your favorite physical features and flatter the body frame that God has blessed you with. 

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