I'm Lydia, your personal stylist

I have 18 years experience styling other women and would love to help equip you to style yourself with confidence! During a styling session I will help you use pieces from your current wardrobe to build outfits and teach you a simple process. After our session, I will send you links with suggested pieces to fill in gaps in your wardrobe.

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Build Your Look in 4 Steps

Local to the Baton Rouge area

Design your outfit by first shopping your favorite top. dress, set, or jumpsuit. Choose your matching bottoms. Pair with a "layering piece", which includes all items you can layer with such as a vest, kimono, duster, blazer or button up. Complete the look with the accessories of your choice! This process is laid out for you on this page!

Step 1

Shop your favorite top, dress, jumpsuit, or set

Step 2

Shop for your matching pair of bottoms

Step 3

Shop for your favorite "layering piece"

Step 4

Complete your look with your favorite accessories

How it Started

Welcome to Esther Clothing Brand. I believe God has called every woman to use their voice as an Esther to this generation. Esther was a woman in the Bible who represented her people without shame or fear. Esther also stands for "established by her" because this brand is established by every woman. The heart behind Esther is to empower you to style yourself and feel confident in your own skin. Happy Shopping!